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"We Run While You Rest"

FAQ (Why, What, How )

"We Run While You Rest"  Why not hire A Stepp Above to do all of the running around for you, while you Rest and enjoy the journey and the day of your wedding or event.
  • You will have time for you and your fiancÚ to spend together, enjoying your engagement and planning your wedding without all of the stress.
  • You tell me your vision and I will do the research, organization, and negotiating to help you make it happen.
  • I know how to find you the best services to suit your needs at the best price, and am able to help you avoid costly mistakes.
  • I am often able to negotiate more effectively in order to give you more for your money.


WHAT DO YOU CHARGE? Services not Packages. 

I will assist you in building my services into something that fits your specific needs. All services are custom designed and based on our face to face meeting time.


With A Stepp Above, what you see is what you get. "We Run While You Rest"

The most important thing in hiring any vendor is finding your comfort level. I am always happy to meet with you to discuss what I can do to assist you in your planning and to see if our personalities gel. We will be spending a great deal of time together, I am honored that you are trusting me with the most important day of your life... there are no "do overs"...It is a MUST that you are comfortable. 

With a A Stepp Above Weddings and Events you lose nothing but gain everything by having a wedding planner as your right hand, to lead you in the right direction of your wedding plans.

What are you Waiting For? Come on! Pick Up The Phone! Dial 770.912.1682 to set up your COMPLIMENTARY consultation TODAY!!!

"We Run While You Rest"

Tye Barnett-Professional Wedding Planner